Susan Swayne and the Bewildered Bride

As of tonight, we are going into our final week of performances of "Susan Swayne and the Bewildered Bride," by Reina Hardy. I have so much to say about the play itself, as well as the experience of fleshing out the lovely character that is Katherine Denn, but I will save most of those remarks for after closing. Suffice to say for now that it has been a real pleasure to work with these incredibly talented people, and I will be truly sad when we close on Sunday. Tonight's performance has sold out of its presale tickets (!!) and we're looking forward to a rush to the finish.

Susan Swayne (Lisa DeRoberts) locks swords with Katherine Denn (Jordan Trovillion) while Isabelle Fontaine-Kite (Ernaisja Curry) looks on.

Susan and Katherine match wits in Susan's Victorian sitting room.

Isabelle Fontaine-Kite (Ernaisja Curry) is setting her plans in motion with the Society of Lady Detectives (from left: Alexx Rouse, Lisa DeRoberts, Regina Pugh)

The remaining performances are December 13, 14, 15 at 8pm, and 16th at 3pm. Tickets are a meagre $25! Visit for tickets and more information!

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