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Motor City Comic Con and an Exciting Update!

It's that time again! I am so excited to be returning to Motor City this year, it's going to be an amazing show. They're expecting up to 55,000 people this time around, which is absolutely bananas, and there will be more than 250 comic and media guests to grill about details of your favorite comic stories. I'm hoping to manage to talk to Lucy Lawless without going temporarily brain dead with excitement. Wish me luck.

Me at Motor City Comic Con 2017

The convention begins Friday, May 18 at 12:30, to close at 7. Saturday's hours are 10:30-7, and Sunday the con runs from 10:30-5, although I'll be cutting out early that day to attend a wedding, which makes this the best weekend ever. I'll have a table with my name on it and everything. I will be up and around doing interviews for Get it to the Geeks, but I'll always end up back at my table.

I'll be appearing on FOX2 Thursday morning in the 10 o'clock hour to talk about the convention, as well as about my recent work, upcoming projects, and Get it to the Geeks (on!) Friday morning will be a much earlier wake-up with an appearance on WDIV Local 4 around 6:45.

Finally, in honor of the occasion, and that occasion being comic related, I'm happy to announce a new addition to the website: Comics!

Not just any comics, but my comics. I've been working on them for a long time now, and while they are mostly vessels for puns, I am happy to share them with you fine people! I have loved art and comics since I was a kid, and drawing has been a passion of mine my whole life. I really hope you have as much fun reading these as I add them as I do making them. I'll have info and will be doing sketches and commissions at MCCC this weekend as well, so if you're in town and interested, please stop by! My hope is that these comics will eventually grow to have their own website, but for now I'm happy to offer them here. Yay!

Tickets and information for Motor City Comic Con at

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